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How it works

We assist asset managers, family offices, banks and institutional investors in a professional way to both configure the desired structured product and to find the most suitable issuer with the best possible offer. offers an independent, end-to-end transparent multi-issuer platform, where customers can use self-explanatory functions to create their own products and negotiate directly with various providers. Every single step in the value chain of structured products trading can be handled through In exchange for a fixed ticket fee, it is ensured that negotiations are conducted transparently over the entire course of the business and that the interests of suppliers and customers are optimally met.

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Strukis is 100% transparent. We apply a fix ticket fee compared to the standard industry percentage commission and every issuer has the same conditions.

Easy to use

Strukis was built with support of qualified financial market experts having extensive experience in structured products.


Strukis is the first fully independent multi-issuer platform. We have no conflict of interest. We do not focus on which issuer wins, but on how the issuer wins.

Life-Cycle Management

Strukis has developed its own software that simplifies the monitoring and analysis of structured products. You have access to your products at any time via our platform.

About us

In the trading of structured products, the problem of opaque business transactions is omnipresent. DeltaQuest AG was founded together with supporters of the industry with the firm intention of creating an authentic, independent and completely transparent platform for this trade.

For the programming of, the new product for the innovative restructuring of the asset management process, we, the company DeltaQuest AG, have joined forces for a closer cooperation with the company Codeplant GmbH. Codeplant GmbH has been specializing in the industry for several years. The considerable experience Codeplant GmbH already has in the structured products trading business will help us to create a long-term alternative to the asset management market. Together, our two companies can draw on a large repertoire of IT experience, which, together with the young age of all involved entrepreneurs, is the optimal prerequisite for building an online platform according to modern standards. We firmly believe only a fundamentally innovative project like can be able to usher in the next era of business with structured products.



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Press Release

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